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About MediLife Clinic and Dr Tan

Dr Tan How Koon started his medical practice in the neighbourhood of Tampines in 1992. MediLife Clinic has grown to become well known and trusted amongst both the young and old. Dr Tan is known for being an honest, patient, and trusted doctor who takes pride in consistently serving the needs of his patients and providing affordable rates for all. 

Dr Tan is also a loving Father of 4 children. During his free time, he enjoys cycling and swimming to keep healthy and stay fit. 

If you have any health concerns, pop in for an appointment today or give us a call at 6781 3168, our friendly nurses will assist you!

"Dr Tan is patient, true caring, detail, and profesional. The best doctor I have ever known."

Windy Zulkar

"Dr. Tan cares about his patients and always offers the best affordable rates for us. He is caring and honest. Doctors like him are hard to come by."

Bridgette Lee


Christine Teoh

"A very knowledgeable doctor who always does a full proper check before prescribing medication."

Ben Ji

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